About Gaynor

Gaynor has been living in Cyprus since July 2007 but only really realised her talent for singing in 2013 when she entered a local competition called ‘Paphos Has Talent’, primarily to overcome the nerves and stage-fright which had always stopped her from singing in public in the past! And it worked!! She went from standing on the stage in front of the judges with her eyes closed, shaking to singing songs without needing the lyrics and even adding dance-steps – so much so that she reached the final!! She then found out about ‘Open Mic’ evenings where local musicians get together to play and sing for no reward other than to enjoy their music and let others get enjoyment from it as well, and this was the catalyst which prompted her to start singing to a live audience – in other words, performing her own gigs!

So although a relative newcomer to performing, she has nevertheless gone from strength to strength and just for the experience, she entered the auditions for The X-Factor in the UK in 2017 and actually got through the first one! Quite a result for someone who was once terrified of facing an audience.

She has been told many times that her voice bears an uncanny resemblance to the late, great Karen Carpenter and although ballads are indeed her forte, she can easily also perform much faster material when needed for parties, wedding receptions etc, so is not limited in her repertoire. In fact, in most of the places where she has sung there has always been audience members complimenting her on her ‘beautiful voice’, in their own words. She can sing songs right from the 50’s to present day and will always try to sing any requested numbers provided she has the backing track for it. She uses first-class backing tracks and has all the necessary equipment for the best sound, and also has a light show for the evenings.

Since moving to Cyprus, she now also teams up with Telecaster Ted on occasion, who was a member of the well-known 60’s band the Love Affair (their number one hit record was Everlasting Love) for 20 years and who also produced such popular songs as Rainbow Valley, A Day Without Love and Bringing On Back The Good Times, and who is an excellent lead guitarist. They play under the name of G&T – The Duo That Thinks It’s A Band. She is also forming another duo with a talented keyboard player called Graham North which will be known as Graynorham – The Two-Piece Band. This is because the range of sounds that Graham’s keyboard can produce will make you believe that you are actually listening to a live band!

So if you are looking for a singer or a duo or even a band but without the big expense which can sometimes accompany such entertainment, we are sure that you will be delighted that you chose one of the above to make your celebration, whatever it is, a huge success.